Our story

How we got here and what we’re doing…

In 2016 we opened the UK’s first, as then called, “micro soya dairy & tofu production” on Pottergate, Norwich. On site our talented team of soya alchemists made the fresh tofu and transformed them into delicious vegan eats!  Other firsts included a vegan deli counter, with fresh tofu, soysages and burgers and we also introduced the UK to the pleasure of vegan whippy style ice-cream.
In 2017 we had the chance to buy our current home, 10 St. Gregory’s Alley – just two minutes from our Pottergate shop. Although we knew substantial renovation was required to transform it in to the tofu emporium we envisaged, this has turned out to be much more extensive than anticipated so Project St. Gregs rumbled on. 
Our products proved so popular we quickly outgrew Pottergate and so we sort alternative premises where we could dedicate a team solely to production, thus freeing up time and much needed space in the café! So in 2018 we opened a new production unit in Lenwade, with a super new more efficient tofu machine. 
It wasn’t until the end of 2019 we felt confident to give notice on our Pottergate lease anticipating a seamless May 2020 move to St. Gregory’s Alley. Unfortunately the Covid-19 global pandemic meant that on March 19th 2020 we suddenly had to close the doors to the public at Pottergate. By the end of July 2020, with lockdown eased (ish) and the work almost complete we could finally welcome you to our new home, two years and a global pandemic later than originally planned. Well it’s now 2021 and we are future facing, post-covid hoping and happy to see you all again. 

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How we got here and what we do